I am honoured to be appointed chairman of the bank and look forward to helping this great country and its wonderful people.

My fellow directors and I believe this to be an exciting period in the republic’s history. Guinea has an abundance of natural deposits, including some of the world’s largest reserves of prime-grade iron ore and established bauxite mining, together with ample access to water and expanding agricultural production.

But its greatest resource is its people, both friendly and hard-working. Their spirit and desire to work towards a brighter future is a strong foundation for positive change.

We are licensed by the republic’s central bank to act as the principal touchpoint and advisors to empower the development of Guinea. To do so effectively means access to global markets. To enable this, our regulatory and compliance framework operates at European standards.

Our mandate is very clear: to work in partnership with companies, both small and large, which wish to operate in the country’s priority sectors such as mining, agriculture, infrastructure development and energy production.

By shaping investment to ensure our clients reach their objectives and, at the same time, use our influence and expertise to help improve everyday life for the nation’s people, we can contribute to the ongoing effort to improve infrastructure.

Increased economic activity will lead to more funding and opportunity for the people of Guinea. We anticipate supporting the republic as it continues to make strides towards a dynamic and modernised future. We look forward to working with you.

Andrew Chak