Regulatory Information

Corporate Governance

We believe corporate governance is an essential part of a culture that enables us to meet our short-term objectives while striving to realise our long-term vision.

Our approach focuses on the four pillars underpinning corporate governance:

  • Compliance
    Complying with governance and regulatory standards across our area of operation needs a professional compliance function to offer sound guidance and advice. Its monitoring activities ensure any improper conduct or failure to comply with regulatory requirements is immediately addressed. Compliance policies and guidelines are aligned to industry best practice.
  • Internal audit
    Continual and rapid changes and the regulatory environments in which we operate require an established, effective internal audit function to evaluate the efficiency of control systems and contribute to sound management reporting.
  • Enterprise risk management
    Investors and creditors require confidence and need to see a structured and disciplined approach to understanding and managing business risks. Integrated enterprise risk management addresses this need.
  • External audit
    Our primary focus is to ensure our accounting records are accurate, complete and compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards. To do so, we retain a global accountancy practice for their in-depth industry knowledge and experience in meeting this essential requirement.


Although privately held, the bank conducts its business in line with international corporate governance best practice.