Reporting Officer

Working closely with the Chief Financial Officer, the post-holder will:

a. Ensure the permanence of the application of accounting principles in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer.
b. Check all the explanations, such as accounts, to be aware of their components and to ensure their consistency.
c. Establish reporting (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) and regulatory ratios.
d. Produce periodic financial analysis or on-demand (ratios, statistics, and comments) with flow charts, tables of resources and jobs, distributed credits, etc.
e. Check the automation of workflow integration in the accounting process.
f. Collect the information from all the departments concerned to establish:
o The status of unpaid by sector and by nature;
o The classification of bad debt and doubtful commitments by signature;
o interest reserve;
o The justification impairment provisions at end of period and movement;
o inventory records;
o The annexes to the balance sheet;

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