General Advisory

We offer a range of services to businesses requiring specialised advice on company incorporation, capital formation, tax optimisation, human resource management and general outsourcing services.

Our knowledge of the niche West African market makes us the ideal, pragmatic point-of-contact to ensure your investment delivers the expected return and associated benefits.

Project Advisory

We help our clients to derive value from projects. Organisations rightly expect a measurable return on their activities and need the capability to deliver the right projects at the right time. They also need to close down those that no longer add value. Clients rely on our expertise as a trusted, independent adviser to help them organise, assess and deliver projects to achieve these objectives.

Financial Advisory

We offer comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to companies whose operations, or organisation, is complex. The knowledge, depth and expertise of our sector-specific teams is unmatched by any other professional services firm and services include corporate finance to raise funds, corporate value advisory including financial business modelling, and business recovery services.

Project Finance

We offer loans to projects directly, through syndicates and other forms of co-financing. The sectors with potential are infrastructure, energy production, agriculture and mining.

Project financing has a direct link to greater public benefit. We use our expertise to develop and finance projects with other partners, through syndication or shared financing. We always seek to influence the way these projects are structured with a particular emphasis on cost-effectiveness and protection of the public interest. Designed for long-term, capital intensive projects, this model relies on the original loan being repaid by the cash flow generated from the specific project. We customise our model to ensure adequate funding is in place to start the work, while making sure sufficient working capital is available for day-to-day expenditure.

Lease Finance

We offer lease financing to carefully selected businesses particularly in mining, transport and agriculture sectors to acquire equipment. The bank retains title to the equipment for the period of the lease. If you want to invest in equipment but do not want to tie up cash flows with outright purchase, asset finance is a creative, secure solution.

Cash Management

We offer a wide range of cash management solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements, providing them with the time and means to concentrate on their core business. Our market leading products and services enable our clients to reduce transaction costs, consolidate operations and expand revenue opportunities. Our unique proposition and capability with diversified operations, provides clients with access to an unrivalled foreign currency reserve for international business.